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Housemaid tear the copy of Holy Quran – Gets Arrested in UAE

A housemaid should be trustworthy and well mannered to do the hectic works of the household she is residing to earn her livelihood. Even sometimes it may happen that our trustworthy servants betrayed us and this is the same story of a trustworthy servant (housemaid) who tore the copy of the sacred and Holy Book of Quran.
Let us share a piece of saddened news with you all, there is a village known as Masfout in Ajman, UAE where a servant tore the copy of the Holy Quran into many pieces.

According to the sources, this all had started with the argument between the maid’s sponsor wife’s when the owner’s wife’s blamed her for stealing from the house she is working with.

The housemaid was a Muslim woman, she brought the holy Quran to swear on it for her innocency but the owner’s wife was not ready to believe her in any condition or circumstances.
This reaction of the owner’s wife shocked the housemaid and she got angry when she saw her sponsors wife is not ready to believe her even when she was swearing by the book of Allah.
She took that as a question on her faith in Allah and his book (Holy Quran), she feel humiliated and insulted. She loses her temper when the house owners wife called her “a thief” and in anger, she tore the copy of the Quran she bought to swear on it.
According to the sources, the maid was from Indonesia and was just twenty-three (23) years old, she was arrested by the police of Ajman soon and was sentenced to five years Jail by the judges.

Only Allah can forgive her for the sin she did by tearing the holy Quran and only Allah knows whether she stole something from that house or not, whatever was the reason, but tearing the Holy Quran while being a Muslim is not justified and a sin of grave which will take anyone into Hell, and even their lives in this world also become like hell.

May ALLAH protect us from the anger which Shaitaan whispered in our ears and mind and may Allah forgive us all.

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